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With the Tech Career Growth Community my friend Rahul Pandey and I have started, we are now helping thousands of developers get a software engineer job, with many of these developers looking for their first one. Job searching is a laborious marathon of a process with tons of different levers you can pull, so it just made sense to create a single, comprehensive resource on how to successfully navigate yourself through it.

This guide is split up into sections for the 2 different “phases” of job searching, with each section explaining the levers you have access to within that phase…

Intro & Context

Welcome to Part 2 of my article series about how Rahul Pandey and I evolved our live, educational, tech sessions from accommodating 15 people to the ~750 people we get now. You can find Part 1 here.

Anyways, after ~1.5 months, we were able to grow from the 15–30 person range to the 30–75 person range, mainly through a series of logistical improvements. This is when we first really started realizing that the dynamics of the session rapidly change as the attendee pool grows.

The Initial Format

As a refresher, here is the session format we started off with coming into this new…

This is your brain during interviews when you have the proper mindset.

After over a year, it’s time to reboot this article series with another entry, which I’m honestly surprised I haven’t written about until now. Anyways, interviewing as a developer is one of the most mentally taxing processes you have to go through, so it’s crucial that you stay mentally healthy every step of the way. This article will break down how you can set up a sturdy, robust mental and emotional framework to keep you going through the interview slog. Let’s get right into it!

Keep Your Eyes On The (Amazing) Prize

Interviewing as a software engineer is one of the highest return on investments (ROI) any…

Imagine this, but digital

Intro & Context

For those of you who don’t know, my friend Rahul Pandey and I have been growing a completely free Tech Career Growth Community over the past ~5 months. Our goal is to take the vast learnings we have accumulated across our combined ~15 years in the Silicon Valley, polish them into an easily digestible format, and give it all away for free. The main way we do this is by hosting bi-weekly-ish live sessions where we break down a complex, important tech topic for anyone who wants to come. After going through some prepared content for ~1 hour, we then…

Learn to focus on what matters

Across the ~4 months Rahul Pandey and I have been building our Tech Career Growth Community, we have directly interacted with hundreds of junior developers. Something I deeply believe in and have shared several times with the community is that time is the only resource that truly matters. In today’s extremely chaotic landscape, the world is filled to the brim with distractions and ineffective time sinks. Unfortunately, I see a lot of developers fall into these traps, especially junior ones both inside and outside of our community. …

It’s all about working for a company that’s worth more than the entire GDP of Switzerland

I was originally going to include this in the my comprehensive guide on getting a software engineer job, but I ultimately decided against it as that article was getting quite long and, as you’ll find out from this article, there really is no secret sauce to breaking into Big Tech. However, there are some aspects that make the process of getting into these companies unique, so let’s cover them.

The #1 Way To Make It In: Patience

I pride myself on being honest and not mincing words when I give advice, so here’s a cold, hard truth: If you’re a junior developer, getting into Big Tech is near…

Nowadays, there is absolutely no shortage of inspirational content on the Internet. I cannot browse my LinkedIn feed for more than 30 seconds before seeing some post about how amazing it was that Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook as just a college student or that Steve Jobs dropped out of college to start Apple from a garage. Yes, there is value in this kind of positive, “go get ‘em” content, but when it’s so omnipresent (I’m looking at you LinkedIn), it leads to people overestimating their abilities and throwing pragmatism out the window. …

Not-so-humblebrag: This is what happens when you understand video performance

Let’s get straight to the point: This article’s purpose is to help you understand why your video is getting the amount of views that it is, whether it’s not as much as you want or way more than expected. If you’re reading this article, the 1st scenario is probably more applicable to you, but the 2nd is also crucial as you naturally want to figure out how to replicate success when you do come across it. Anyways, understanding your video’s performance can be broken down across 3 key metrics:

  1. Click-through rate (CTR)
  2. Watch time
  3. Number of impressions

Click-through Rate (CTR)

In layman’s terms…

YouTube took off like a rocket ever since it launched, and I have been right alongside it over the past ~14 years. I have spent way too much time on YouTube as both a consumer and channel owner (if you want to know the story behind my YouTube channel, check out Part 1 of this article series here), and I have noticed that the vast majority of popular videos on the platform fall into certain high-level genres. This article will cover those genres, and if you run a YouTube channel, you should think about how your content can fit within…

When I was in junior high and high school, Halo was my favorite video game. I liked it so much that I started using my spare time to upload Halo videos that I enjoyed from others in the community to this up and coming video streaming website called YouTube. From 2007 to 2013, I grew this communal, crowd-sourced YouTube channel from nothing to 105,000+ subscribers and 50 million+ video views. For a long time, my channel was a Top 100 gaming channel (this was back when YouTube had channel awards), and I wasn’t too far off from being one of…

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Android developer @ Robinhood who builds apps with 2 million+ downloads on Google Play and runs a YouTube channel with 133k+ subscribers in his spare time

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